More grocery shoppers look to return to stores

By a 4:1 ratio, consumers expect to do more brick-and-mortar food shopping, Feedback Group finds


Russell Redman, Supermarket News 

Jul 16, 2021


With the easing of the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccinations readily available, more grocery shoppers feel comfortable returning to stores, a new survey by The Feedback Group showed.


Over four times as many consumers plan to shop more often in a grocery store this year versus those who plan to shop less, according to The Feedback Group’s Grocery Shopper Intention Monitor, released yesterday. Of 2,250 consumers polled, 40% said they plan to shop more at a physical store for groceries over the next 12 months, compared with 9% reporting they’ll shop brick-and-mortar locations less. Fifty-one percent plan to go to stores for food shopping at the same rate as they do now.


Preferences for in-store grocery shopping varied across demographic lines, the Lake Success, N.Y.-based researcher said. Among urban consumers, 44% said they aim to grocery-shop more often at stores, exceeding the percentages for suburban (40%) and rural (34%) shoppers saying they’ll do so. Fifty-eight percent of Generation Z customers expect to do more food shopping at brick-and-mortar stores, compared with 49% for Millennials, 42% for Generation X and 32% for Baby Boomers.


Demographically, those who plan to shop less at physical stores for groceries are led by Millennial (15%), Gen Z (14%) and urban (14%) consumers, the study revealed.


The Feedback Group’s Grocery Shopper Intention Monitor...


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