Eating Animals Is Like Still Using a Landline, Says Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown

“We just came up with a better technology,” Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown says about the creation of vegan meat.


by Nicole Axworthy, VegNews

July 16, 2021


Ethan Brown, founder and CEO of vegan brand Beyond Meat, compared eating animals in the era of plant-based meat to using a landline phone during the dawn of the cell phone age during a recent interview with Time Magazine. “I’ve said this many times but nobody had to lambaste or denigrate the landline [when the cell phone came along]. We just came up with a better technology,” Brown said.


Brown made the comment while discussing the anti-vegan-meat commercial that ran during the 2020 Super Bowl—created by a group called “The Center for Consumer Freedom”—implying that bacon is easy to spell and therefore superior to plant-based meat, which contains a longer list of ingredients. “The thing that does bother me is the comment about the complexity of the ingredient label. That’s sleight-of-hand stuff, because if I required you to list out all the vitamins and amino acids and nutrients in a piece of steak, it’d be a very long list, of which you and I probably would be able to pronounce half of them,” Brown said. “So, you know, just being able to say beef versus listing out all those technical terms is a big advantage. It’s mostly noise, and it’s up to us to educate the best we can.”


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