'Worst fears are being realized' for cattle producers suffering amid drought: association president

'You could always formulate a plan. I'm not sure what the plan should be right now,' says Interlake rancher


Renée Lilley, CBC News (Canada)

Jul 16, 2021


Livestock producers are struggling to maintain their livelihoods during the ongoing drought in Manitoba, which the industry association for the province's beef producers calls a "natural disaster."


Manitoba Beef Producers is currently working with the provincial government and other groups like the Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation to find ways to help the struggling agricultural industry, the organization said in a statement Thursday.


"The conditions are continuing to deteriorate. Pastures are dried up with really nothing left for the animals to graze," Manitoba Beef Producers president Tyler Fulton said in a Thursday interview with CBC.


"Our entire feed production, there's very little prospect in some spots to secure any feed for the fall and winter months."


Economic stability for farmers is drying up along with the pasture, he says.


"Our worst fears are being realized. We've got scenarios where producers are forced to sell the animals — in some cases all of their animals."


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