Biotechnology professor challenges alternative protein claims


James Nason, BEEF Central



ALTERNATIVE proteins have attracted positive media coverage in recent years, helped in part by a number of industry-generated reports that have promoted plant and cell-based products as more sustainable and healthier alternatives to conventionally farmed meat and milk.


However, a biotechnology professor who describes himself as a supporter of both alternative and conventionally produced proteins is calling for greater scrutiny to be applied by media to the  science underpinning many alternative protein industry claims.


Professor Paul Wood AO said that from his perspective several reports which have helped the alternative protein sector to generate favourable media coverage for its products in recent years rely on misleading information that unfairly and inaccurately denigrates conventional meat and dairy production in order to attract consumer and investor support for plant and cell-based replacements.


Professor Paul Wood AO is an adjunct professor in biotechnology at Monash University and Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering.


In the lead up to a recently launched Senate Inquiry into definitions of meat and other animal products, he offers a unique perspective on the issue as an independent biotechnologist with experience across the food protein spectrum, spanning both the conventional and non-conventional protein production sectors...