A Pig Farmer’s Emotional Journey


By Daphne Northrop, WGBH Boston

Jul 15, 2021


Intelligent, precious, sacred, fascinating. These are not words often used to describe pigs. But for Bob Comis, a pig farmer in Upstate New York and the lead character of the new documentary The Last Pig, those adjectives are perfect.


If that’s true, he asks in the film, why am I leading them to slaughter? Massachusetts native Allison Argo, producer/director/writer of the film, captures Comis’ personal upheaval as he realizes after years of raising pigs that he can no longer bear the ultimate act of betrayal. The film airs on GBH 2 at 9pm on July 15.


The winner of dozens of awards around the world, The Last Pig brings viewers into the realities and drama of Comis’ last year on the pig farm. With her portfolio of National Geographic and PBS Nature films, Argo has dedicated her career to capturing the lives of animals and the interconnections between all living things.


“If we look around us and ask which animals suffer the most in our society, it has to be the ones that are trapped and used in farming — especially factory farming,” says Argo. “For years I grappled with how I could bring this story to public attention without it being too graphic and disturbing.”


When she discovered Comis’ writings about his ethical crisis, she knew he would be the perfect narrator. “I was so moved by his openness and willingness to put his deepest feelings out there for the world to see,” she says. She visited him at his farm, and after a few hours of conversation, he agreed to be filmed...


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