FTC Passes ‘Made in USA’ Regulation


By Pan Demetrakakes, Food Processing

Jul 15, 2021


The Federal Trade Commission has finalized a new rule that specifies what kinds of products can call themselves “Made in the USA,” and sets penalties for violators.


The rule, passed by a 3 to 2 vote, allows the FTC to seek damages of up to $43,280 per violation against companies that falsely use “Made in the USA” or similar language on their packaging. To qualify for that language, a product’s ingredients or sources must come from the United States, and “all significant processing,” including final processing, must occur in the U.S.


Congress had authorized the FTC to create such a rule in 1994, with the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement. However, the FTC declined to do so as a matter of policy until now.


The FTC’s new rule applies to all products. The USDA is separately looking into the issue of how “Made in the USA” labeling can apply to meat and seafood.


Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said in a statement…