Easterday sentencing pushed to October


By Don Jenkins, Hermiston Herald (OR)

Jul 12, 2021


Washington rancher Cody Easterdayís sentencing for selling $244 million worth of nonexistent cattle has been pushed back to October so his attorney can recover from surgery and he can raise money for restitution by completing bankruptcy sales.


U.S. District Judge Stanley Bastian in Richland, Washington signed an order Wednesday, July 7, rescheduling the sentencing to Oct. 5 from Aug. 4. Federal prosecutors and probation officials did not object.


Easterday pleaded guilty March 31 to one count of wire fraud. He faces up to 20 years in federal prison and has agreed to pay $244,031,132 in restitution to Tyson Foods and an unidentified second company.


Delaying the criminal sentencing will allow time for Easterday to finish complex bankruptcy proceedings and have restitution funds available, according to his attorney, Carl Oreskovitch.


Oreskovitch also said in court documents that he had knee-replacement surgery in mid-June, hampering his ability to prepare for the August sentencing.


Easterday billed Tyson and the other company for buying and feeding cattle that didnít exist...