While Cedar County awaits ruling in CAFO lawsuit, a large chicken operation moves in


Allison Kite, Missouri Independent

via The Rolla Daily News (MO) - Jul 15, 2021 


When the attorney general’s office asked a judge in 2019 to lift a temporary restraining order blocking a Missouri law pre-empting county regulations on concentrated animal feeding operations, or CAFOs, that were stricter than the state’s, the argument was straightforward.


No one was trying to build a large animal feeding operation in Cedar County.


Now nearly two years later, Cedar County commissioners face possible litigation as they try to enforce local CAFO regulations — which they argue are necessary to protect the health and livelihood of area residents — on a 20,000 chicken feeding operation


And as the 2019 litigation over the underlying state law drags on, the county is asking Cole County Circuit Judge Daniel Green to reinstate his earlier order blocking the state law, arguing Missouri’s 2019 reasoning is no longer valid because of the chicken operation.


“Circumstances have now changed,” the motion says...


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