On hunt for workers, Tyson raises Amherst plant wages


Jason Hawk, The Chronicle-Telegram (OH)

Jul 14, 2021


AMHERST — Tyson Foods is boosting the starting wage at its Amherst plant to at least $16 per hour in a bid to attract more workers.


The starting scale goes up to $20.25 with a 50-cent differential for second shift. Third-shift sanitation positions begin at $18.10.


This is the second time the company has raised its starting pay in the past year. This spring, it signaled it was having trouble staffing enough employees to meet increased demand for chicken and other products.


“It takes about six days right now to get five days' worth of work done,” said Chief Operating Officer Donnie King in a May conference call with investors.


Amherst plant manager Brandy Shaw said she has about 525 workers on payroll. That number has held steady since last August, when the company announced plans to hire 200 more.


Shaw said the plant is struggling...