Plant-based boom: More Americans are changing their diets, becoming ‘vegan-curious’


by Chris Melore, StudyFinds 

July 13, 2021


NEW YORK — One in five Americans say their diet is radically different now compared to what it was like just five years ago. That’s especially the case for people opting for trying more plant-based foods. Researchers reveal that health-conscious Americans are going down what they call the “vegan-curious” route.


In a new survey of 2,000 U.S. residents, 19 percent believe that what they eat on a regular basis has changed significantly over that time.  Those switching up their menu say they did so due to shifts in their health and dietary needs (41%), much more so than their personal tastes (35%) or environmental concerns (19%).


Meanwhile, over half the poll (53%) believe that their food choices have remained more or less the same. Part of that, perhaps, may be because three-fourths of respondents follow some form of diet or guidelines that manage their eating habits. While trendy diet plans like intermittent fasting (26%) and ketogenic eating (20%) have gained a lot of ground, neither can hold a candle to good old-fashioned calorie-counting (38%).


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More people are getting ‘vegan-curious’ ... 


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