Salem man arrested for cattle theft


Kim Break, AreawideNews

July 14, 2021


Steven R. Bashaw, 37, of Salem, Ark., was recently arrested and charged with several felony crimes following a cattle transaction in Searcy County, which also involved Fulton County residents.


On June 21, Searcy County Chief Deputy Dewayne Pierce was contacted by a Saint Joe resident in regard to theft and other livestock from his property. The individual told law enforcement he had entered into an agreement with a Fulton County, Ark. resident (Bashaw) for him to purchase livestock in the amount of $5,600. It was on June 21 when the Searcy County resident went to cash the checks left with him for payment to the bank and was told they were fraudulent, that he went to his local law enforcement.


Deputy Pierce contacted Fulton County Chief Deputy Joe Boshears who reported several complaints on Bashaw in Fulton County. “Bashaw had entered into an agreement with residents of Fulton County. Bashaw was to travel to Searcy County and pay for the livestock in question, with money he had received/secured from the Fulton County residents,” said court documents. It was apparent Bashaw had kept the money for himself that he received from Fulton County residents. He took the livestock and had them sold at an auction, where once the livestock was sold, Bashaw “pocketed” that money as well. “By doing this...