Cargo Owners Applaud White House Order on Competitiveness

The support from shippers is in stark contrast to opposition from freight carriers, who say the Biden administration is providing ‘misguided direction’


By Paul Page, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ)

July 13, 2021


Groups representing cargo owners are praising President Biden’s executive order on business competitiveness, but say stronger regulatory action and even legislation may be needed to resolve longstanding concerns over freight transport fees and services.


“I think it’s a start,” said Jonathan Gold, vice president of supply chain and customs policy at the National Retail Federation, which represents merchants that import goods into the U.S.


Retailers are among the shippers that have seen transport costs surge in recent months amid supply-chain disruptions, including lengthy delivery delays and additional fees, brought on by the upheaval in production and demand during the pandemic.


The broad executive order President Biden signed on Friday is aimed at promoting competitive markets across the U.S. economy and limiting corporate dominance that the White House says puts consumers, workers and smaller companies at a disadvantage.


The order directs the Federal Maritime Commission and the Surface Transportation Board, which regulate the ocean shipping and freight rail sectors, respectively, to toughen their oversight of cargo transport.


The order doesn’t...


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