An Olympic gold medalist swimmer said he lost muscle on a vegan diet because it was hard to get enough protein


·         British swimmer Adam Peaty said he tried being vegan but lost muscle.

·         It's harder to consume enough protein with a plant-based diet, but not impossible, experts say.

·         The key to a balanced vegan diet is to combine protein sources with other foods, dietitian Ro Huntriss told Insider.


Rachel Hosie, Insider

Jun 9, 2021 


Olympic swimmer Adam Peaty said going vegan made him lose muscle.


Peaty, who swims for Great Britain, told UK news site Joe that he tried being vegan in 2018 but found it too hard to incorporate enough protein into his diet.


"It's hard to understand how much protein you need. For me, I need meat to get enough protein," Peaty, 26, said. "It's a hard diet to adjust to. It's just too hard with the amount of muscle I have to sustain."


The 6'3" tall swimmer consumes no more than 6,000 calories a day, and said he would eat more plant-based foods if he didn't train so hard.


"I'm a big guy so I do need a lot of protein," Peaty said. "Sometimes I will swap meat for a vegetarian option — I think it's important to branch out and explore different options."


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