In-N-Out accused of California labor violations

A former employee claims the chain didnít follow COVID protocols and wrongfully terminated him and others over sick time


Holly Petre, Nation's Restaurant News

Jun 08, 2021


A former In-N-Out employee has accused the chain of violating California labor codes, failing to follow COVID-19 safety protocols, conducting unfair business practices and retaliating against him for speaking out against the chain in new claims filed on June 7.


The former employee, Luis Becerra, was employed by the chain for five years until his termination in May 2020 and claims he is speaking for a larger group of current and former In-N-Out employees dating back to January 2020, according to court documents filed.


Becerra accused In-N-Out of failing to pay wages due upon termination, failing to provide accurate wage statements, failing to provide personnel files in a timely fashion, failing to furnish a safe place of employment and not discharge employees who complain of health and safety conditions, discrimination and retaliation for using sick leave and retaliating for his engaging in protected reporting activities.


"At In-N-Out Burger, we have always cared for our associates as if they are our own family and we are disappointed with the baseless and false claims that Mr. Becerra has made in his lawsuit,Ē said Arnie Wensinger, chief legal and business officer for In-N-Out, told Nation's Restaurant News via e-mail...