Report Shows California’s Prop 12 Could Increase Sow Deaths, Create Costly Pork for Consumers


By Tyne Morgan, AgWeb 

June 8, 2021


A recent report by the California Department of Agriculture (CDFA) shows Proposition 12 in California could lead to higher mortality in hogs while providing no added benefit for consumers, claims The North American Meat Institute.


On Tuesday, The Meat Institute, whose members consist of those involved in processing and packing of animal proteins in the U.S., said that CDFA details of the proposed rule late last month. The report showed the estimated costs and benefits showed Prop 12 could produce unintentional consequences.


CDFA released the details of Prop 12 in a notice posted nearly two years after it was originally due. It goes back to a ballot initiative passed in California in 2018. The new guidelines are set to take effect in 2022.


The Meat Institute said after reviewing the details, the proposed rule could not only increase mortality rates but may add nearly $100,000 in costs per year for a typical breeding farm.


Amanda Adam, a pork producer in Washington, Iowa, says while pork producers across the country continue to stay vigilant with biosecurity and other concerns on the farm, Prop 12 is another issue on their minds...


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