Weekly kill: JBS closure has little effect on cattle markets, but some rises seen in beef


Jon Condon, BEEF Central (AU)



DIRECT consignment and saleyards cattle markets have shown little or no effect from JBS Australia’s week-long closure last week, following the dramatic cyber-security breach of the company’s operating systems on either side of the Pacific.


Most JBS beef processing sites returned to work yesterday or today after the week-long break, which paralysed the company’s operations.


Neither saleyards nor over the hooks grid offers have displayed any real impact from the lack of buying competition last week, agents and market watchers say.


JBS is yet to re-activate its over-the-hooks grids following the incident, having a backlog of slaughter cattle procured before the breach occurred to work through first. Grainfed cattle, particularly, have tended to back-up during the week-long break, and are now being given killing space priority. The backlog should not take long to clear, Beef Central was told...


Kills decline ...


Imported beef continues to trade very firm in US ...


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