Deadline looms for French pig farmers on castration choice


Agence France-Presse

via Philippine Daily Inquirer - June 06, 2021


PARIS — For centuries, male pigs have been castrated to make them less aggressive and to ensure quality control. But French farmers are facing a deadline to end a painful practice that few consumers are still willing to accept.


From January 2022, surgical castration will require anesthesia, a complicating factor for the procedure that will inevitably increase production costs.


Several countries in Europe have already outlawed, or historically avoided, surgical castration which lets producers maximize the size of a pig before slaughter.


Yet it remains standard for the vast majority of French pig farmers, with nearly 10 million piglets subject to castration each year.


They say it’s necessary for increasing fat content in meat and avoiding “boar taint,” a fetid odor that comes from compounds pigs begin producing when they reach sexual maturity...


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