As Americans Return To Dining, Restaurants See Trouble Procuring Supplies



via Alabama Public Radio - Jun 6, 2021




As more and more Americans get vaccinated, the pandemic's grip on everyday life is loosening. That means the chance to enjoy those things we took for granted, like going out to eat dinner again at a restaurant.




GARCIA-NAVARRO: If you have already gone out to eat, you might have noticed things are, well, a bit off. Service is slower. Portions might be smaller and prices higher. And so we're going to take a look at the food supply chain - the farm-to-table work that's mostly done out of view. But as mandates ease and the economy lurches back to life, it has come under new strains and new scrutiny.


JOE LANNI: We've all been looking forward to this summer as - you know, this could be the summer of love. The vaccine will be out. Everybody will be - you know, restrictions will be lifted, and it's going to be like the roaring '20s.


GARCIA-NAVARRO: Joe Lanni is the co-founder of Thunderdome Restaurant Group, which operates 43 eateries across the Midwest.


LANNI: Demand for restaurants and, you know, a lot of other businesses is increasing, which is what we were hoping for the last year would happen. But, you know, you can't just turn all of these suppliers on all at once.


GARCIA-NAVARRO: Lanni says it's been a scramble...


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