JBS Fund for the Amazon approves 6 new projects


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07 June 2021


The Fund for the Amazon has invested 50 million reais in six new projects that will provide incentives for production chains like cocoa, açaí, and pirarucu, as well as platforms for access to credit and business consulting that could raise family incomes by up to 144%.


In the week of World Environment Day, the JBS Fund for the Amazon announces the first projects chosen to receive investments to promote actions in favor of forest conservation and preservation, improvements to the quality of life of the local communities and the scientific and technological development of the region. There will be six initiatives which, together, will receive R$ 50 million from the Fund constituted by JBS in September 2020, with an infusion of R$ 250 million in five years.


The objective of the Fund is to drive the promotion of actions for forest conservation and preservation and the sustainable development of the region. The organization analyzed more than 50 ideas for projects, including proposals received through the site or prospected by the team. Ten initiatives were invited to submit pre-projects that were analyzed by the Technical Committee consisting of 11 members nominated by research institutes and third-sector organizations. They are outstanding professionals in the fields of the environment and sustainable development, with extensive experience of the reality in the Amazon and who have already done significant work in the region.


“The projects that will receive the resources will develop the forest bioeconomy, helping to add value to its natural products and also contributing to environmental conservation and socioeconomic development”, says Joanita Maestri Karoleski,

president of the JBS Fund for the Amazon...


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