Ranchers forced to sell 4,200 head of cattle as drought conditions worsen


by Karassa Stinchcomb, KXMB/KXMA/KXNet.com (ND)

Jun 7, 2021


One month ago, we shared how ranchers were waiting for their pastures to green up to turn the cattle out.


Now, we’re sharing the tough decision these men and women have to make.


“Our situation is getting pretty dire and ugly,” said David Bohl.


North Dakota has been in a drought since May 2020.


Right now, 77 percent of the state is in an extreme drought and 18 percent is in an exceptional drought.


For the last year, ranchers have hoped for any moisture they can get to green up their pastures — but it hasn’t come.


And that means ranchers are being forced to sell their cattle.


“Normally this time of the year, we’re probably looking at 400-600 head and a lot of times would be every other week,” said former auctioneer Ron Torgerson.


On Sunday and Monday, more than 4,200 head of cattle were sold at Rugby Livestock and Auction...