A ban on fur would be unworkable and unsustainable. Here's why


Frank Zilberkweit, British Fur Trade Association

via PoliticsHome (UK) - June 7, 2021


On 31st May, a bank holiday, the Government slipped out a four week call for evidence on the UK fur sector that could be the precursor to restrictions or a complete ban.


We welcome this opportunity to contribute, and we will set out in detail the exacting animal welfare standards and extensive laws and regulations that govern the sector and why fur remains popular with sales increasing by 200 percent in the last decade.


We will also set out the many damaging consequences that implementing a ban on fur would have including why it would do nothing to improve animal welfare and why the majority of people in this county do not support such a move.


There is no majority for a ban on ethically produced fur in the UK and we strongly believe that informed individuals should be free to make up their own minds. It is also clear that restrictions on fur would be the thin end of the wedge and would simply open the door for bans on other animal products including wool, leather and silk as well as modern farming methods and field sports.


Animal rights activists, who are long campaigned for a UK fur ban and have done much to use their links with unelected individuals close to the Prime Minister to push this call for evidence, want to see an end to the use of all animal products or materials including in food consumption. Their narrow views do not represent the silent majority and nor do they care about the consequences...