‘The UFO Phenomenon’: Australia’s cattle mutilation mystery


Ross Coulthart, 7NEWS (AU)

7 June 2021


The following article contains images some readers may find distressing.


A decade ago, Mick Cook began finding dead cattle on his remote 14,000-hectare North Queensland cattle station with distressing and inexplicable injuries.


The first was a dead cow lying on the ground, with her udder cleanly excised.


“We didn’t take it very seriously, didn’t know much about it, so I basically gave it a miss,” Mick recalls.


He admits that, until recently, he didn’t give too much thought to a succession of strange cattle deaths over the following years because, in this rugged country north-west of Mackay, it is not unusual to occasionally lose animals to predators or drought.


But just over two years ago, he was patrolling the river country on his station, and he found another dead cow.


“I thought, ‘well, another bloody one’, sort of thing,” Mick says.


“As I’m driving past her, I seen her udder had been surgically removed...


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