Sierra Club eyes court action over N.E. Iowa cattle operation


By Perry Beeman, Iowa Capital Dispatch

June 4, 2021


Critics of a northeast Iowa cattle operation near a high-quality trout stream are considering a court appeal after the state’s top environmental official declined to review her agency’s approval of the feedlot.


Supreme Beef wants to raise more than 10,000 cattle in a partially enclosed feedlot near Bloody Run Creek, not far from Monona in Clayton County. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources years ago declared Bloody Run an “outstanding Iowa water” requiring special protection, and the agency stocks trout in the popular fishing spot.


Wallace Taylor, lawyer for the Iowa Chapter of Sierra Club, an environmental organization, said he asked for clarification of the recent ruling by Kayla Lyon, director of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.


“The department will not be providing any additional justification or comment,” responded Tamara Mullen McIntosh, DNR’s general counsel.


That has shifted the discussion to legal appeal options...


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