Poland overcomes AI epidemic


Vladislav Vorotnikov, Poultry World

Jun 4, 2021


Poland had to cull 11 million birds as a result of this year's avian influenza (AI) epidemic, but it seems the worst time is over.


The epidemic is clearly winding down, with the number of outbreaks during the recent weeks more than halved to only 10 between 13 May and 16 May, chief veterinarian Mirosław Welz outlined during a recent press conference. The disease is likely to be completely eradicated in Poland in the course of the coming few weeks, he added.


Changing weather conditions appeared to be the major game-changer, as wild birds no longer look for the warmest places to live, gathering in large clusters, where they become infected, and then - by migrating - spread the virus to farm birds, Welz explained.


This year, Poland reported 326 AI outbreaks. With nearly 500 outbreaks, France is the only country in Europe where AI hit the poultry industry heavier...


AI fallout ...