Key Ingredient in Pet Food's Brave New World: Cell-Cultured Meat


Kelly Beaton, The Food Institute

Jun 4, 2021


n 2021, demand has been intense for pet food. And it makes sense, considering Americans are pampering pets like never before.


Consider: adoption rates at U.S. animal shelters jumped as much as 40% in 2020 over the year prior, according to Reuters. By April, there were scattered shortages of pet food across retail channels, as noted by Supermarket News.


Perhaps then, this should come as no surprise: cell-cultured meat products will be available in the pet-food aisle relatively soon.


Bond Pet Foods and Because Animals are both developing pet foods made with cell-cultured meat products and plan to start selling them within the next two years. Cultured meat, in theory, promotes environmental sustainability. After all, research from UCLA found 163 million dogs and cats eat meat in the U.S., and their diet habits create an additional 64 million tons of carbon dioxide each year, reported Forbes (May 24).


Bond Pet Foods began its path toward cell-cultured meat by collecting a blood sample from a hen and analyzing the genetic code of its chicken proteins. The company uses biotechnology to make cultured fungal and animal proteins through fermentation, eventually harvests the proteins, and then uses them as ingredients for pet food...




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