Montana trying to prevent Canadian bacon invasion


Bob Diddlebock, For the Daily Montanan

via Great Falls Tribune (MT) - Jun 6, 2021


If you make a living off the land in Montana and a line of wild hogs ever comes trotting over a nearby ridge, your next gig could very well be in a Billings supermarket or auctioning horses in Missoula.


In the the twisted name of survival, those porcine Hell’s Angels of the animal kingdom will destroy mega-tracts of farm and ranch land, kill your livestock, poison the water, trample fencing, spew parasites and leave a trail of damage the Luftwaffe would envy.


“Nasty, vicious, super-adaptable and crafty creatures,” says Dr. Ryan Brook of the University of Saskatchewan, who has studied feral pigs and their sinister doings in Canada and the U.S. for decades. “It would be all over if they knew how to fly. (That’s when) I’d be building an (underground) bunker.”


These super-smart, steel-tough monsters — termed “deleterious exotic and invasive creatures” in animal-science circles — present no immediate threat to Montana’s ecology, environment or commerce, according to state officials.


But some 6 million hogs have been marauding across Texas and a slew of southern states since the 1990s, causing more than $2.5 billion in damage...