Argentina’s beef producers are in talks with government to end export ban


The Cattle Site

04 June 2021


Argentine meat producers will continue talks with the government aimed at lifting the one-month suspension of beef exports that was declared in mid-May, the country's Agroindustrial Council (CAA) said in a statement.


Reuters reports that the suspension is aimed at lowering domestic inflation, but cattle ranchers disagree with the measure and, in protest, halted domestic livestock sales through Wednesday 2 June.


Farm leaders say the sales strike may resume to include grains sales if progress is not made in talks with the government.


According to the CAA statement, Dardo Chiesa, the coordinator of the Mesa de las Carnes - an association that brings together dozens of entities in the sector - met Wednesday evening with Peronist President Alberto Fernandez.


"The representatives of the CAA agreed with the national authorities to deepen the search for long, medium and short-term consensual policies to correct the situation by promoting the supply of food to meet both domestic and export market demand," the CAA said in the statement...





Cattle farmers end strike over beef exports ban

Federación Agraria Argentina announces resumption of deliveries and end to two-week halt on beef sales, while seeking an urgent meeting with President Alberto Fernández.


Buenos Aires Times (ARG)

Jun 3, 2021


Cattle farmers on Thursday ended a two-week halt on domestic beef sales called to protest a government-imposed pause in exports designed to moderate skyrocketing meat prices.


The country is the fourth-largest beef exporter in the world, and one of its biggest consumers per capita, and revenues from the sector are vital to the country's economy.


Back in mid-May, President Alberto Fernández's government announced a one-month suspension on foreign meat sales to "get the sector in order, restrict speculative practices and avoid tax evasion in foreign trade."


Poverty affects 42 percent of Argentines, and Fernández is trying to reduce the cost of living by implementing price controls.


The Peronist leader insisted Argentina could not accept the recent rise in meat prices in a country already reeling from three years of recession and the adverse economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.


The price rises contributed to inflation...





Analysis: ‘Punk nation’: Argentina inflation soars as hazy future drives price hikes


Hernan Nessi, Reuters 

June 3, 2021


Argentine President Alberto Fernandez, put on the spot to explain a damaging and stubborn inflation rate that is soaring towards 50%, turned to the punk rock musical genre of Patti Smith and the Ramones for inspiration.


"Argentina is a punk nation," the center-left president, who plays the guitar and named his dog after Bob Dylan, said in reference to the rebellious spirit of the musical movement born in the 1970s.


"Everything is today, there is no tomorrow. Everything is in the short-term because there is no future."


The South American nation, he explained, had over years of runaway prices built up a national psyche so imbued with inflation that it had become a self-perpetuating vicious cycle. "People increase prices just in case," he said.


The lyrical answer underscores a concrete and major issue for his Peronist government, which had set its sights on inflation under 30% this year but has been surprised by runaway prices that sap savings, wages and consumer spending power...




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