USCA Responds to ‘Beef Market Myths’ Report on Capitol Hill


Source: National Association of Farm Broadcasters

via Southeast AgNet Radio Network - June 2, 2021


A report titled “Common Beef Marketing Myths and Facts” from the North American Meat Institute is being circulated on Capitol Hill. U.S. Cattlemen’s Association (USCA) President Brooke Miller says the organization appreciates the commitment of U.S. livestock groups to expanding the capacity of the nation’s meat processing facilities.


“However, it would be helpful if the meatpacking lobby, too, focused their attention on that goal,” Miller says. “We need proactive solutions at this time, such as research and development of markets for offal and hides, working with trade schools and colleges to recruit skilled labor into the industry and to address the underlying challenges driving the critical labor shortage across the U.S.”


Miller says the report is neither “proactive nor solutions-oriented.”


USCA says it will also continue to champion true price discovery and competition in the cattle marketplace...