Lack of rain prompts Grims to implement drought plan, phase 1


By Sara Grim, Burke, S.D.

Tri State Neighbor/AgUpdate - Jun 2, 2021


Greetings from South Central South Dakota where we are bordered by the Missouri River on the east and the state of Nebraska on the south. The area has a diverse terrain from the rough river hills along the river following along Highway 44 over the Platte-Winner bridge to the rich farmland that follows Highway 18 and the unique small towns of Fairfax, Bonesteel, St. Charles, Herrick, Burke, Gregory and Dallas. The sandy soils of the Sandhills start to emerge in the area south of Highway 18. We live down along the river and have mostly pasture land and hayland. We have few farmland acres but manage to grow a few crops for feed for the cattle.


Our spring was colder and drier than normal, which maybe has been protecting the grass and crops that have been trying to grow. Many cattlemen fed hay longer as the grass is slow to emerge because the soil temperature has been slow to warm up as of this report, submitted May 27.


With the lack of rain, it seems like the month of May was going great guns with hardly a break anywhere. We had a small amount of moisture during the month of April but May has been even shorter. The rain gauge says only 1.28 inches of moisture for May, which has come in the form of small showers. I know the area up west of us has had more moisture.


We are green here and thankful for what we have, but we have started Phase 1 of our drought plan. The fall calves are still in the yard and will be sold in June and the river pasture...