R-CALF Continuing To Ask Congress For Cattle Market Price Fix


Radio 570 WNAX (SD)

Jun 2, 2021


R-CALF members have launched a drive to encourage Congress to join Senators Mike Rounds of South Dakota and Tina Smith of Minnesota calling attention to the food crisis in America. R-CALF Region 3 Director Brett Kenzy who represents South Dakota, Nebraska and North Dakota says the meat processors group, NAMI has responded to their letter by saying there’s no fix needed with the cattle markets as far as prices paid to producers versus packers.


He says the drive by R-CALF calling attention to the cattle market prices problem is one of several steps being taken by several groups in response to that.


Kenzy says R-CALF has documented the depressed prices independent cattle producers have been getting compared to what consumers are paying and sent that to the North American Meat Institute...


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