Argentine meat sales strike to end Wednesday, but could resume to include grains - farm groups


Maximilian Heath, Reuters

via Financial Post (CAN) - Jun 02, 2021


BUENOS AIRES — Argentine cattle ranchers will end their meat sales ban at midnight on Wednesday, but the protest over the government’s suspension of beef exports could resume to include a grains sales strike, the leader of a top farm group said.


Argentina is the world’s No. 5 meat exporter, with most of its shipments destined for China. In a move to help control inflation, expected at about 50% this year, the government imposed a 30-day ban on meat exports.


Farmers halted the domestic trade of livestock to protest the ban. But Carlos Achetoni, president of the Argentine Agrarian Federation (FAA), said the protest may be restarted over the days ahead to include a sales strike by grain farmers.


“Today, the sales strike ends,” Achetoni told Reuters. “What is being analyzed is whether or not, if there is no agreement with the government in the coming days, to extend the strike to include grains sales as well.”


The country’s pro-free-markets farm groups distrust the left-of-center government of Peronist President Alberto Fernandez...


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