Cargill and InnovaFeed expand alliance to cover supplementation of pig feed with insect oil


By Jane Byrne, Feed Navigator



US agribusiness group, Cargill, and French biotech firm, InnovaFeed, are aiming to feed 20 million piglets with insect oil by 2026 as they expand their original collaboration agreement.


Cargill and InnovaFeed announced a partnership back in 2019, with that alliance initially focusing on insect feed for aquaculture production.


"The expansion of this partnership will include more species, starting with the use of oil derived from insects for pig feed,"​ the companies said in a joint statement on Monday [May 3].


The use of insect protein in monogastric production is yet to be approved within the EU. Thus, the biotech cannot provide estimations on when the partners would pursue a tie-up in that direction. However, Maye Walraven, head of business development, InnovaFeed, told FeedNavigator the company has already been active in R&D work in relation to the use of insect meal in those species over the past few years.


The company’s Black Soldier Fly (BSF) derived protein production plant in Nesle, a commune in the Somme department in northern France, started operations last November. “This site is currently in the ramp-up phase and will provide the volumes necessary for the commercial partnership with Cargill,”​ said Walraven.


InnovaFeed plans to open several additional production sites, those facilities would be similar in scale to Nesle in terms of production capacity; the next one, which the company announced at the time of the inauguration of its French facility, will be located in Decatur, Illinois, in the US.


“This ambitious deployment plan will allow InnovaFeed to significantly increase its production capacity over the upcoming years to meet market demand,” ​said Walraven.


Nutritional benefits ​...