Beef 2021: Despite challenges, beef industry heading in the right direction on sustainability, annual report shows


Beef Central (AU)



ANIMAL welfare practices and tracking the industry’s sustainability credentials are top of mind for beef producers, according to the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework’s latest annual update, released at the ABSF’s seminar at Beef Australia 2021 in Rockhampton this morning.


The ABSF defines sustainable beef production and tracks performance over a series of indicators annually.


Chair of the sustainability steering group for the ABSF, Tess Herbert, said despite a year of unprecedented challenges, the latest update, the fourth since its inception, revealed that the Australian beef industry was heading in the right direction.


“The past year has been like no other – travel restrictions, lockdowns, quarantine and global disruption have disrupted supply chains and important revenue pathways,” Ms Herbert said.


“Despite the many challenges, responses to our producer sustainability survey increased four-fold demonstrating producers are more engaged with the process of promoting industry transparency and progress.


“We’ve also seen an increase in producer satisfaction, awareness of animal welfare standards and the use of regular pain relief for cattle.


Ms Herbert said by working collaboratively within industry and with our customers and investors, the framework was able to provide a clear and transparent report card on where the industry is up to in the areas they care most about.


“Extensive consultation has been undertaken to optimise indicators and collect the data not only to track performance but identify new opportunities and priority areas for the industry,” Mrs Herbert said.


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