Pork producer ditched by processor and retailers over ‘disturbing’ welfare breaches


By Kevin White, The Grocer (UK) 

30 April 2021


Pork giant Pilgrim’s UK has suspended a farm in its supply chain after it was implicated in a series of alleged animal welfare rule breaches.


Scottish pork producer P&G Sleigh was accused of the breaches in a report published by the Times today (based on undercover filming by campaign group Animal Equality UK), which appeared to show footage of staff inflicting a series of violent acts on pigs.


The footage included a worker hammering pigs to death and sows with severe injuries, including organs protruding from their bodies, The Times reported. Staff at the indoor unit also failed to treat pigs promptly after being informed they were suffering serious wounds, Animal Equality claimed.


Pigs were also shown gasping, wriggling and showing signs of consciousness after blows with a hammer to the head.


P&G Sleigh has also been suspended by retailers including Lidl and Tesco, which described the conditions shown on the farm as “unacceptable”. It supplied pork to Pilgrim’s via Brechin-based processor QPL, of which Pilgrim’s is the sole customer.


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