Colin Woodall, NCBA, Says Producers Are on The Wrong Side of Market Leverage Right Now


Oklahoma Farm Report

03 May 2021


Cattle producers are caught in a balancing act with the packers, as each side works on leveraging supply and demand, said Colin Woodall, CEO of the National Cattlemenís Beef Association.


Woodall recently talked with Radio Oklahoma Ag Network Farm Director Ron Hays.


It boils down to cattle markets, thatís on the minds of everybody, Woodall said.


We continue to see high demand and high cutout values and hear about the packer margins, he said.


On the producer side, we havenít seen a whole lot of appreciation in price, he noted.


The age-old question of how we get more of that dollar in the producersí pockets is top of mind, he said.


The NCBA CEO said they are closely watching the numbers, keeping in mind what cattle producers have said about triggering price transparency thresholds that can swing market leverage to one side or the other.


Leverage is simply supply and demand...


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