Unity called for on packer price push

Hog farmers pressuring packers for fairer prices ask for support from related businesses such as feed and trucking firms


By Ed White, The Western Producer (Canada)

April 29, 2021


Retiring Manitoba Pork Council chair George Matheson used his final address to urge all businesses relying upon hog farmers to unite for fairer packer prices.


“We are … encouraging related businesses like veterinarians, feed companies and transporters to take up the cause because a good business helps everyone,” said Matheson at the April 15 MPC annual meeting.


“The processors did a great deal (to) keep the plants running the best they could this past year, during COVID, but nonetheless, pricing reforms are necessary.”


Chronically weak prices have undermined Western Canada’s hog industry, producer groups say. Too little of the pork value of the pigs is shared with producers, leaving critically low margins over the course of the hog cycle.


That, they argue, will cripple the ability of the industry to reinvest in hog barns and keep the sector going...