Better cell line found for PRRS vaccine development

American research has found a new cell line that could enhance the development for autogenous vaccinations for the Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) virus.


Jaclyn Krymowski, Pig Progress

Apr 30, 2021  


That result has been shared by researchers from Iowa State University (ISU) in a study that appeared recently in the peer-reviewed Journal of Clinical Microbiology.


PRRS virus: High antigenic and genetic diversity


Because PRRS virus has high antigenic and genetic diversity, commercial vaccinations do not necessarily provide protection that is effective. Alternatively, swineherds facing the virus turn to autogenous vaccinations that are developed from on-farm samples. To produce such vaccines, the virus must be isolated which can be a difficult process.


The new research has discovered that a new cell line – ZMAC taken from pigs’ lungs – may be a better alternative compared to the MARC-145 line from an African monkey kidney currently in use...


Challenges for the new cell line ...





The study published in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology was authored by Wannarat Yim-im, Haiyan Huang, Jie Park, Chong Wang, Phillip Gauger, Karen Harmon, Rodger Main and Jianqiang Zhang, Iowa State University, USA; and Gabriela Calzada, Aptimmune Biologics, St Louis, MO, USA.