OPINION: Oregon goes to war on the livestock business


By Michael Cox Special to the Montrose Daily Press (CO)

Apr 29, 2021


To almost no one’s surprise, Oregon has joined Colorado to become the second state where animal rights activists are out to shut down livestock farming. And the group known as End Animal Cruelty, under the guidance of activist David Michelson, have gone a few steps farther than the Colorado crowd.


In announcing his plan, Michelson said that Oregon would essentially be a sanctuary state for animals. Animal rights would become part of the body of law in the state. While the law would not ban animal agriculture altogether and the sale of meat would not be outlawed, any animal used for food in Oregon would have to die of old age or other natural causes. In Colorado, there would still be slaughter after a percentage of an animal’s natural lifespan, which for cattle would be 25% of 20 years. The Oregon law would refer to artificial insemination as “forced impregnation” and anyone who uses the method would be prosecuted for a Class C Felony.


The committee called “Yes on IP13” must gather 112,000 signatures to force the matter to the ballot in 2022. Oregon, a longtime home to all manner of activists, is a relatively easy place to get something on the ballot, as is Colorado. In Oregon, however, there appears to be no titling process. One must only file the petition with the proper governing body (city, county, or state). That body then refers the item to the ballot.


What’s at stake? ...