Hunters Sought To Kill Grand Canyon Bison Amid Objections

The National Park Service is looking for volunteers to help control the bison population at the popular tourist spot in northern Arizona.


Tim Moran, Patch Across Arizona

Apr 29, 2021


GRAND CANYON, AZ — The National Park Service is turning to volunteer hunters to help control the bison population at the Grand Canyon, one of America's most-visited national parks, but a leading national animal rights group says other, "nonlethal" measures should be taken instead.


The bison herd in the north rim of the northern Arizona national park is rapidly growing, as have concerns that the expected continued growth will impact the park's water, vegetation and soil resources, the NPS said in its recent callout for bison hunters.


Also citing "visitor experience" and "wilderness character," the NPS said lowering the size of the herd will "protect the park ecosystem, resources and values."


The plan has been met with some pushback, however...


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