Hog sector continues to prepare for African swine fever

A multi-pronged national strategy is designed to keep out the disease and co-ordinate a response if it does arrive


By Ed White, The Western Producer (Canada) 

April 29, 2021


A grim spectre hung over the Manitoba Pork Council’s annual meeting, but it wasn’t the pandemic.


“The threats are growing,” new Manitoba Pork Council general manager Cam Dahl said during the April 16 meeting.


“We see the threats of foreign animal disease increasing and we all know the significant impact and repercussions if it does occur.”


That is particularly true with African swine fever, which has ravaged China’s enormous swine industry and has spread across much of Asia and into Europe.


The Canadian hog industry is readying its response strategy for the day when the disease appears in North America.


“We need to continue with our ASF preparedness,” said outgoing MPC chair George Matheson.


Ironically, another disease crisis is providing some slight relief from the ASF risk...