Consumers are hopeful about agriculture’s ability to positively impact climate change

A survey led by Cargill finds that consumers see agriculture and livestock as part of the broader climate change solution


Far Eastern Agriculture

29 April 2021


When it comes to climate change, consumers view agriculture as a part of the solution rather than the problem. Among participants in Cargill’s recent global Feed4Thought survey, those who indicated climate change as important to them also rated livestock and agriculture lowest in negative impact compared with other industries generally regarded as significant contributors. More than one-third of respondents expressed confidence in the industry’s ability to limit its contributions to climate change.  


“Farmers are critical to feeding the world sustainably and responsibly,” said Ruth Kimmelshue, who leads Cargill’s animal nutrition and health business. “With a growing population and rising consumer interest in climate change, they are also part of the solution to address some of the toughest environmental challenges. At Cargill, our focus continues to be advocating for farmers by supporting and amplifying efforts to reduce their environmental footprint, methane emissions and, in turn, climate impact.”


Cargill’s Feed4Thought survey included responses from 2,510 consumers representing the US, France, South Korea and Brazil. From among all participants, transportation and deforestation were ranked as the greatest contributors to climate change. According to consumers surveyed, who’s most responsible for accelerating change? 59% said that federal and national governments bear the highest responsibility for addressing climate change, while 57% saw companies involved in beef production and 50% saw cattle farmers as responsible for reducing the impact of livestock.


“Sustainability in our food systems starts with the dedication of our farmers,” said Heather Tansey, sustainability lead for Cargill’s protein and animal nutrition businesses...