The Vegetarian Butcher Launches Plant-Based Meat Products For Foodservice In China


By Sally Ho, Green Queen (HK)

Apr 29, 2021


The Vegetarian Butcher has rolled out six new plant-based meat alternative products for foodservice businesses in China, after the brand landed in the country for the first time in December. The new products will be available for chefs across the country to “get cooking with our new meat” as flexitarianism and plant-based eating becomes increasingly mainstream amongst Chinese consumers.


The Vegetarian Butcher, the Dutch plant-based brand and Unilever subsidiary, has just launched its plant-based meat products for foodservice players in China. Rolling out six plant-based meat alternatives in total, the products will be made available to chefs across the country who are looking to incorporate alternative proteins to cater to consumer demand for healthier, sustainable plant-based options on menus.


Announcing the launch in a social media post, The Vegetarian Butcher said: “Our food revolution just got bigger! We are excited to share that China is the next stop in our mission to become the biggest butcher in the world.”


“From today, six of our products will be available for chefs in foodservice to get cooking with our new meat.”


Among the new plant-based meat products for foodservice are analogues for beef steak, beef slices, meatballs, minced meat, pork slices and chicken nuggets....


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