Man's Penis and Testicles Chopped off and Fed to Pigs After He Tries to Rape His Niece


By Vinod DSouza, International Business Times

April 28, 2021


A 36-year-old man hailing from the Macaúbas region of Brazil got his penis and testicles chopped off for attempting to rape his own niece, according to reports.


The man allegedly got drunk before trying to rape his niece and the girl managed to fight his advances as he was in an inebriated state and fled off the scene. The man then walked to his home and went to sleep.


The girl chose not to report the incident to the police but informed her boyfriend and his cousin about the rape attempt. Enraged by the man's behavior, the two decided to take the law in to their own hands and seek revenge for his actions.


The girl's boyfriend and his cousin asked the man to join them the next morning to monitor some pigs in a nearby sugarcane field and that is when they attacked him, beat him down unconscious and removed his trousers and cut off his penis and testicles in an act of revenge. The two then fed his private parts to the pigs in the field and fled the scene.


The man, who was bleeding profusely managed to call an ambulance...