Costco bans Monsanto’s Glyphosate from all U.S. stores; carrying organic alternatives instead


Nick Meyer, India Post

April 29, 2021


Costco is well known among diehard shoppers as a supporter of organic and natural foods, having become the top seller of organic products in September 2016, surpassing Whole Foods for the #1 spot. The company was eventually surpassed by Wal-Mart and currently sits at #2 on the overall list in the United States, but they seem to be improving by the day, if their latest major endeavor is any indication.


Recently, Costco decided to up the ante by taking an unprecedented step in its retail catalogue, announcing and implementing a ban on one of the most toxic and potentially deadly everyday products in the world. And this time around, Monsanto’s bottom line looks like it will end up as the “biggest loser” in this transaction.


Costco Officially Bans Cancer-Linked Herbicide in All Its Stores The non-profit organization Moms Across America has been active on the front lines of several key health-related issues, especially when it comes to glyphosate, the chemical used in Monsanto’s best-selling herbicide glyphosate.


Glyphosate has been deemed a “probable human carcinogen” by the World Health Organization’s cancer research arm the I ARC, and it was even found to be the cause of California groundskeeper Dewayne Johnson’s terminal cancer in a recent landmark trial...