Opinion: Our brand is our Industry


John McKillop, Red Meat Advisory Council

via BEEF Central (AU) - 29/04/2021


IT’S time to level the playing field for red meat category branding.


Across the butcher shops, supermarket aisles and restaurant tables throughout the nation, there’s no better-branded product than Australian red meat.


Whether it’s nutrition, food safety, or product quality, Australian consumers know they’re getting the real deal every time they buy red meat.


Our industry’s collective category brand is unlike any other. As an industry, we’ve constructed our brand over generations of socialised levies and private investment.


More than 77,000 Australian red meat and livestock businesses and 434,000 workers spend every day building our industry’s brand.


We pay mandatory levies at every point along the supply chain which are spent on marketing, research and product integrity measures. In addition to socialised levies, private companies annually invest millions of dollars into branding our industry’s products.


Investment in Australia’s red meat category branding isn’t only made through marketing but through the heavy mandatory compliance costs our industry has to pay to sell products labelled as meat, lamb, beef, or goat.


It’s no wonder why there’s now a laundry list of manufactured plant-based protein products trying to piggyback off the reputation of Aussie red meat...