105,000 sows stacked six stories high

The mega farm in China has 21 buildings with 5,000 sows each, farrow to finish.


By Betsy Freese, Successful Farming

Agriculture.com - 4/28/2021


Construction of the Muyuan Meat and Food Industry complex in China, with 105,000 sows in 21 six-story buildings, is progressing steadily, reports Michael Ellermann, a swine consultant with Danish company Aspire Agritech Consulting. Ellermann is based in China, where he works with clients on training, farm management, and new farm development.


The site covers 450 acres, with another 500 acres in a logistics park with railway and highway ports. The feed mill on the site will produce 720,000 tons of feed annually.


Once completed, likely this year, the 105,000-sow farm will produce 2.1 million pigs annually (about 11 pigs/sow/year). A slaughterhouse on site can slaughter and process 2.1 million pigs annually.


There are six floors in each building, with 5,000 sows in each unit, 2,500 sows on each side of building...


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