Stabenow pushing for big boost in conservation, says Biden plan falls short


By Philip Brasher, AgriPulse



Senate Agriculture Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow says President Joe Biden’s $2.7 trillion infrastructure plan is “woefully inadequate” when it comes to funding for climate-friendly farming practices, and she’s pushing for a major increase in funding for conservation programs.


“In the American Jobs Plan, they miss the mark in the category called climate-smart agriculture,” which would get $1 billion over eight years under the proposal, the Michigan Democrat told members of the North American Agricultural Journalists on Tuesday.


“I am working to get significant resources in there that fund conservation,” she said. She didn’t specify the amount of money that she is seeking.


Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack defended the proposals but told reporters last week during the global climate summit that Biden may be recommending more conservation spending when his complete fiscal 2022 budget proposal is released.


The budget "will send a strong message of support for additional conservation efforts,” Vilsack said...


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