Facing Severe Drought, North Dakotans Turn to Higher Sources


By Travis Svihovec and Blake Nicholson, Claims Journal

April 27, 2021


BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — Leaders of a Bismarck church last Sunday morning took the first steps in organizing a communitywide prayer effort aimed at ending the state’s drought, which continues to worsen.


The timing of that message may have helped their cause.


“It was very powerful — as we first told folks here at McCabe that, it was raining outside,” said Karl Kroger, lead pastor at McCabe United Methodist Church.


Some members of the church after discussing the drought on social media approached the church’s leadership about praying for rain and inviting other congregations to do the same. Kroger and Associate Pastor Jenny Hallenbeck Orr liked the idea, and this week through personal invitations and emails they’re asking other churches to join, The Bismarck Tribune reported.


“I love the idea of churches and other religious groups being unified in positive action together after a year filled with so much disunity over a host of things,” Hallenbeck Orr said.


The effort is an opportunity for people to come together and pray for the state and those who are most adversely affected by the drought, Kroger said...