Collins, Peters introduce bipartisan bill to connect retired government lab animals with loving homes


VillageSoup Waldo (ME)

Apr 27, 2021


Washington, D.C. — U.S. Sens. Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Gary Peters, D-Mich., introduced the Animal Freedom from Testing, Experimentation, and Research (AFTER) Act April 27. The bipartisan legislation would ensure that every federal agency that uses animals for research has policies in place to facilitate the relocation of retired, healthy lab animals to private homes, animal rescues, or reputable sanctuaries.


“There is no reason regulated lab animals that are suitable for adoption or retirement should be killed by federal agencies,” Collins said. “Our bipartisan legislation would continue to build on the successful policies at DOD, VA, FDA, and NIH while directing all other federal agencies to facilitate and encourage the retirement of animals to help ensure they are placed in loving homes or sanctuaries.”


Peters said, “Ensuring that animals no longer used in federal research can be adopted into loving homes is simply the right thing to do. I am proud to partner with Sen. Collins to reintroduce this bipartisan legislation that would encourage federal agencies to collaborate with the shelters that can provide these animals a safe, nurturing environment for the next phase of their lives.”


The Maine Federation of Humane Societies endorsed the measure, saying...