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·         Beyond Meat Telling Customers Faux Chicken Is Coming This Summer

·         Beyond Meat CEO talks about the company's latest burger

·         Beyond Meat’s Newest Beyond Burger Will Taste Even More Like Beef




Beyond Meat Telling Customers Faux Chicken Is Coming This Summer


o   Company has tested chicken alternative before with KFC trials

o   Separately, new Beyond Burger hits supermarkets next week


By Deena Shanker, Bloomberg 

April 27, 2021


Beyond Meat Inc. is close to adding plant-based chicken to its product lineup.


The faux-meat maker is telling customers it’s preparing to launch a chicken alternative this summer, according to people familiar with the plans who asked not to be named because the plans are private.


The company didn’t respond to requests for comment.


Adding plant-based chicken to its lineup would mark a major expansion for the seller of pea-based beef, burgers and sausages in supermarkets and restaurants. Chicken is the most popular meat in the U.S. Converting even a portion of existing demand to plant-based would be a boon for the Wall Street darling that’s already been growing rapidly.


Beyond Meat has been experimenting with...


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Beyond Meat CEO talks about the company's latest burger


Yahoo Finance

April 27, 2021


Beyond Meat Founder and CEO Ethan Brown sat down with Yahoo Finance’s Brian Sozzi to discuss the latest 3.0 Beyond Meat Burger, competing with other plant-based companies, and their new headquarters.


Video Transcript


BRIAN SOZZI: Beyond Meat founder and CEO, Ethan Brown. Always good to see you. A little bit different setting. I'm in my Yahoo Finance vest. Your chilling over there in your office. Beyond Meat 3.0 Burger. What's in it? I have four burgers in front of me right now. What am I about to eat?


ETHAN BROWN: It's really exciting launch for us. It's something we're working on for a very long time. As you know, we've set this internal goal within the company to constantly iterate our products and to replace those on the shelf today with better versions as we go forward. And I'm very proud of this 3.0 Burger. It delivers benefits from a taste, and aroma, and texture perspective. But it also delivers very strong health benefits.


It has fewer calories, it has less fat, less saturated fat, I think 35% less fat, 35% less saturated fat than ground beef. So it's healthier for you. It tastes great. We did these really exhaustive consumer studies around this in terms of tests and large statistically significant populations. And the likeability relative to 80-20 ground beef was really strong. And that's what got me so excited to release this. And so we're looking forward to hitting the markets next week.


BRIAN SOZZI: So I took a quick bite of it. First thought, it tastes a little more like meat. How do you go-- why is that the case? ...





Beyond Meat’s Newest Beyond Burger Will Taste Even More Like Beef


Maxwell Rabb, The Beet

April 27, 2021


Beyond Meat is leveling up its famous recipe, announcing a new version of its ground-breaking plant-based burger that allegedly tastes closer to the real thing. The company revealed that it has innovated its initial recipe to better mirror the taste of beef for its new burger. The recipe will remove the protein-rich mung beans and add vitamins and minerals that will enhance the product’s flavor. Grocery retailers will start stocking the new Beyond Burger next week while restaurants will see the new product beginning in June.


“This is the best version of beef we’ve done,” Beyond’s Chief Growth Officer Chuck Muth told CNN, He also added that the company will continue its accelerating track claiming that “there will be a next iteration.”


The new Beyond Burger will contain fewer calories and less fat than the company’s previous product. The new burger patty contains 230 calories instead of 260 and 14 grams of fat instead of 18 grams. Beyond Meat hoped to create a better-tasting product that also enhanced its nutritional value.


The brand is constantly working to better its products in an attempt to create a perfect substitute for animal meat: